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Finding and choosing the right accommodation just became incredibly easy and fun. We present you with a personalized experience based on your profile, interests and app interactions. Swipe to like or dislike a property and easily share with friends. Saving you hours of research and pain is our primary goal!

Curated Lists from Experts.

Trust the opinions of people to whom you relate and who’s experiences you value. Ditch the irrelevant reviews from the global masses and instead learn what your friends and the people you follow really think of a location.

Advanced Hotel Matching.

Nitecrawler’s advanced “Hotel Matching Technology” helps users cut through the clutter and find the RIGHT hotel or home based on the type of trip, your personalized profile, interests, and app interactions.

Let others vote and chime in.

Share the favorited hotels for each trip with co travelers, friends, spouses, or colleagues. Whether they’re traveling with you or not, they can still vote on which one you should stay in.

Stay more. Pay less.

Nitecrawler users save up to 15% with public rates, or choose Nitecrawler Select, an exclusive member-only community, and save up to 50% with deeply discounted private rates. Nitecrawler Select will cost $149/year and save frequent travelers thousands of dollars annually.

Join an elite community of trusted travelers and access private rates up to 50% off.


Why Nitecrawler?


Online travel is busted.


55% of travelers agree they need to consult too many travel resources before booking.


Executive Team

Gavin Dickson


Entrepreneur, visionary and accomplished investor.

Entrepreneur, visionary and accomplished investor.

Gavin was among a handful of early investors that understood, believed and envisioned the transformative power of blockchain based technologies. Since those early days, Gavin has personally founded, grown and invested in businesses across the globe.

Gavin Co-Founded Bitwealth in 2017, a private investment firm, and quickly grew its investment holdings to over $100M within the first year of operations. His expertise in investing, networking, strategic business relationships, creative thinking, and structuring private placement deals are the backbone of Bitwealth’s success and will continue to play a role in his overall impact on the world.

Gavin’s successful ventures include global cryptocurrency mining operations, physical coworking facilities, restaurants, oil & gas technologies, data & analytics providers and a wide array of SaaS companies.

In addition to professional successes, Gavin also prides himself in being an active and involved father of two bright and beautiful daughters.

Neil Valentine


Equal part technologist, innovator, strategist, avid traveller and blockchain evangelist.

Equal part technologist, innovator, strategist, avid traveller and blockchain evangelist.

Neil is a veteran Travel Executive and for the past 12 years has been leading Global Strategy for a highly successful North American based online travel company.

Neil is the co-author of international technology patents, an active angel investor in tech startups, early adopter and investor in blockchain based ventures. As CEO Neil brings extensive travel technology knowledge, connectivity insights, and real world business experience in building a travel business that transacted over $2B in sales. His experience in crafting a long-term company vision and executing it across teams, systems, and with external partners is vital to the ongoing success of Nitecrawler.

Travel is a core element of the human experience and having lived on three continents Neil has experienced it first hand. He has spent much of his career building new technology platforms that improve how people experience travel and ultimately connect with others in much richer ways. The ever-growing interconnectedness of the modern world is accelerating at a much faster pace and Neil’s mind easily dissects the complex into much smaller and more digestible pieces. Neil thrives on the interplay between the moving parts and empowering his different teams with specific but cohesive strategies for growth and long-term success.

His passion for life also extends beyond the office to an active career as a Level III certified Snowboard Coach, Trainer, and Instructor.

Scott Windes


An experienced creative visionary and startup launch expert with over 20+ years of experience

Scott Windes is an experienced creative visionary and startup launch expert with over 25 successful tech, media, and consumer product launches during his 20 year career. His experiences range from launching and growing globally successful features films and television shows such as Napoleon Dynamite and Yo Gabba Gabba, to product and tech startups like Cotopaxi, Nomatic,, and

In 2014 Scott launched a startup incubator that branded, developed products, and built customer followings quickly. His knack for quickly generating customer followings and communities has helped companies build lasting momentum time and time again.

Scott’s focus is on creating true value and lasting connections with customers.

Chiron Bramberger


Inventor, multiple startup co-founder, open-source developer, decentralization champion.

Inventor, multiple startup co-founder, open-source developer, musician, actor, and decentralization champion.

Chiron has co-founded successful technology and blockchain startups, such as AdScape which was acquired by Google for $23 million in 2007, and AdBank which raised $15 million through a successful token sale in 2017. With over 18 years of leadership and management experience in technology focused client and customer solutions, he has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies and brands such as Toyota, Google, NASA, FBI, Groupon and eBay, developing individual portfolios and campaigns valued over $2 million each, as well as creating for General Motors their first vertically-integrated marketing platform. Trained in Computer Science and Psychology at Trent University, he has used his interpersonal and technology expertise to bridge the gap between people and technology.

Additionally Chiron composes music both personally and professionally, enjoys photography that has gone viral such as his exploration of technology history, is trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy, pioneered the only open-source hardware and software music system for the Commodore PET called PetSynth, created and sold boutique guitar pedals from recycled electronics, appeared with his brother’s Interscope signed band The Midway State in their music video ‘Change for You’ directed by Steve Jocz of Sum 41, appeared on-screen in ‘Urban Legends 2: Final Cut’, appeared as himself in ‘Meet Me at Starbucks’, and appeared in his professional role as charismatic AdBank CTO with Zack Bornstein alum of Saturday Night Live.

Development Team

Antanas Majus

Senior iOS developer

iOS developer, technology maniac, challenge seeker and volleyball fan

Antanas is an experienced software developer who has more than 7 years of experience working from startups (Vinted) to big corporations (Barclays). During those years he mainly worked in mobile field but has decent experience with server side and hardware programming technologies.

As an iOS developer, Antanas understands the importance of code quality and clean design. He’s passionate about taking on new challenges and has been able to demonstrate his passion through the successful completion and launch of a variety of projects around the globe. He takes the responsibility of project success seriously and focuses on continuous improvement.

iOS developer, technology maniac, challenge seeker, and volleyball fan

Laurynas Pletkus

Head of product

Extensive experience in building talented, large-scale, distributed engineering and product teams

Laurynas is an experienced internet technology executive with a broad range of experience in software and web development, product management and marketing. Having worked for two of Europes largest banks, Laurynas possesses an extensive understanding of the technologies that underpin the global financial systems and the impact blockchain, in its infancy, has already had and will continue to have on global payments.

Laurynas has extensive experience in building talented, large-scale, distributed engineering and product teams. He is an expert in creating Agile development processes that deliver excellent results on time and under budget. He also possesses the unique ability to explain complex technical ideas to non-technical team members in a way that is easily understood.

Darius Kavaliauskas

VP of technology

A passionate believer that all effective business functions are driven by data

Having spent 8 years at Barclays Bank Group Operations, Darius has a deep understanding of payment systems and the critical layers of technologies required for a successful retail application. He possesses an innate ability to visualize how to use technology in creative and new ways and to translate specific business objectives into technical solutions. Delivering successful IT systems requires understanding and coordination of business needs with technical as- sets. Darius excels in this environment because he enjoys working with project managers and software developers to identify the requirements necessary to deploy highly effective enterprise IT systems.

Darius is a passionate believer that all effective business functions are driven by data. In the real world, this means he builds strong analytics and data systems to truly understand the outcomes of specific business decisions. Darius is a high executor and thrives on quick action and highly professional execution.

Kasparas Siudika

Product designer

An excellent team player with an in inherent hunger for profesional execution and great results

Kasparas is an experienced product designer who has more than 6 years of expertise in the mobile app field and a portfolio ranging from big corporate clients such as Barclays to smaller, local and yet as impactful startups like TransferGo. During his job experience as a product designer, Kasparas has conducted countless user interviews, testing sessions and consulted a plethora of clients about the usabillity of their products.

He expanded his knowledge by going to a lot of trainings(for eg. NN/g), hackathons and knowledge sharing with his guildmates both locally and globally. Also following a strict work ethic that is driven by user research, interviews and other types data gathering techniques, Kasparas was able reach excellent results and even release a few award-winning apps such as "Barclays Mobile Banking", "Pingit" and a few more.

Kasparas is an excellent team player with an in inherent hunger for profesional execution and great results.

Augustinas Markevičius

Fullstack developer

A curious life hacker, fullstack developer, AWS wizard, hardware aficionado, and ex-pro-chemist.

Augustinas Markevicius comes with a rich background in both life sciences and software engineering. After graduating with a First Class Chemistry degree in 2010, he spent the next five years designing and building cutting edge molecular machines as part of his PhD training in universities of Edinburgh and Manchester. Later his career has successfully pivoted to professional software development. Augustinas spent time at Atos Consulting working on digital transformation projects for major UK companies across industry sectors. In 2016, he was headhunted for a software developer position by HAT Data Exchange. Since joining the startup, he oversaw the development of four major products ranging from web-based applications to highly complex backend integration systems. The same year, his technical acumen has also led him to being recruited as a freelance expert for the University of Warwick.


Nicole Rogers

Strategic Advisor: Travel

Jaime Sastre

Strategic Advisor: Travel Technology

Brian Butts

Strategic Advisor: Travel

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